When K9 Kabin & Castlewood Joined Forces

When K9 Kabin & Castlewood Joined Forces

If you’ve never visited K9 Kabin before, you’re missing out. Sure, there are many dog breeders in the world, but K9 Kabin is one of the few, if not the only, to have a “kabin” filled with adorable canines.

You might think I’m joking; I’m not.

In fact, it’s a genius idea. Think about it: would you rather find your next best friend huddled in the back of a cold metal cage at some shoddy pet-shop, or bouncing around merrily with other equally-adorable puppies in a spacious open cabin filled with the smiling faces of people just as excited as you are to bring a new fur baby home?

Of course, puppies grow into dogs, and dogs can sometimes be a handful, especially if you don’t know how to deal with their more obstinate moments. And just because little Mr. Fluffers looked cute when he was 10 weeks old doesn’t’ mean you’ll think he’s cute 8 months from now, after his latest foray into the trashcan or his epic battle with a skunk.

Lex, the owner of K9 Kabin, knows dogs, which means he knows all the trouble they can get up to if not properly trained and supervised. Fortunately for the proverbial Mr. Fluffers and his owners alike, Lex is a professional at more than just doggy adoptions– he’s also an accomplished trainer with decades of expertise. Even more importantly, you can tell he’s somebody who cares about the well being of the puppies living at his cabin, and also that they’ll fit in and thrive in the new homes they’re joining.

Because of this level of concern and understanding for his charges, Lex wanted a website that not only promoted the puppies, but also the ideas of love and tolerance, compassion and patience, that he felt so strongly himself.

After doing his homework, he decided to choose Castlewood.

How Castlewood Helped K9 Kabin

Lex didn’t want a website he needed to fuss over constantly, nor did he want to do things like write 2-3 blog posts a week or add eCommerce capabilities to sell dog treats via affiliate links– he just wanted a site that did what it was supposed to do so he could focus on doing what he needed to do.

We understood, and immediately got to work creating a website with as few moving parts as possible, yet one that was also reliable, easy to maintain, and worked on all modern devices.

Simple though the resulting website was, it has proven its worth to Lex time and time again in the years it’s been running. Not only does it attract a great deal of traffic online, but it has also lead to more than a few visitors to Lex’s K9 Kabin leaving with stars in their eyes and new bundles of fur clutched delightedly in their arms.

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