Vickie Connours September 28, 2023

Mom and Grandma

"Two years ago our Lily passed away. We got her from Luv Kennels 16 years ago. She was a special girl. My daughter wanted a Miniature Schnauzer. So we headed out to K9Kabin to look at Miniature Schnauzer. Lulu is a character, and she has a great personality. She talks back to us. Lulu is so funny and goofy at times. We wouldn't be without her. Lulu makes us laugh and is a love bug. While we were looking at Miniature Schnauzer, Judy brought out a Silky. I fell in love with our Silky/Maltese. Dolly is so cute and has a personality out of this world. She is so tiny but she is the boss of our house. Lulu and Dolly play so well with each other. They are so funny playing together. Our furbabies are healthy and bring us so much joy. I'm home all day and these furbabies definitely are a joy to have around our house. You can't go wrong with a K9Kabin puppy. They have lots of kisses. If you are looking for a puppy, K9Kabin is the place to go."
Jenna Couture September 13, 2023

Jenna Couture

" I can NOT say enough good things about Luv Kennels/K9 Kabin.❤️ We have gotten 2 of our puppies from the K9 Kabin and we are so happy with them. They are healthy, well balanced, happy fun loving puppies! As a dog trainer I love the time and effort they put into their puppies to help them be outgoing and loving!!! We got a Silky Terrier from them a few years ago and just recently a miniature Schnauzer this year 2023. And we are absolutely in love! If you are looking for an amazing place to get your next fur baby from look no further than Luv Kennels/K9 Kabin!!! Their puppies are amazing, the facility is clean and you can take the time to hold the babies to find the best fit for your family!!☺️❤️"
Karen Scott August 25, 2023

Silky Terrier

"We brought our Silky Terrier home a year ago, she is such a delight. Healthy and happy (6 lbs), and she has a 62 lb female Boxer playmate. They play and groom each other, it’s so sweet. Our Silky is just feisty enough to hold her own with her BIG ‘sister’. Thank you K9Kabin for our little sweetheart. "
Kellie Nation November 28, 2021

Kellie Nation

"We love visiting the K9 Kabin. We just brought home our 2 teddy bear puppies and they are such a joy! They are so beautiful and their temperament is so adorable and playful. We couldn’t be happier with our new puppies!! Thank you so much for raising happy healthy puppies!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Are hearts are so full!! ❤️❤️"
Gabrielle Marie November 27, 2021

Gabrielle Marie

"We have gotten 2 Miniature Schnauzers from the kabin and we just love them! Lex was so incredibly helpful with each of them and answered any questions we had. He told us once you have a Schnauzer you will never live without one, and he was so right! Our vet always compliments on how healthy they are. All the paperwork even has breeding information down to the family lineage of the dogs!"
Lyndsey Brandon Greenhalgh September 8, 2021

Lyndsey Brandon Greenhalgh

"Our family would definitely recommend them if someone would like great pet. We love our standard poodle that we got from them in Dec of 2020. Great staff, very friendly, they make you feel like family."