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We, Lex Smith and Judy Hodge-Smith of Luv Kennels, ( read our story @ www.luvkennels.com) wanted to be able for the general public to be able to view, handle and physically play with the puppies that we have put our love (LUV), time and effort into.

With this in mind, we started looking for a place to be able to do just what we wished to do. We started by traveling around the Midwest, with other breeders, doing weekend Puppy Expos. This seemed to work to some degree but we were not completely satisfied with what we were doing. Judy and I discussed it with one another and thought we would start looking for something closer home. In June of 09 we had an Expo along with some other breeders, on the front of lawn of the now K-9 Kabin, and were only going to do it for a couple weekends a month. Much to our surprise, we had a great number of people wanting us to come back every weekend.

After much consideration and discussion, we conceded to try it. We were very fortunate, for the weather stayed cool enough for us to be able to stay on the front lawn for a few weeks. Then, at the end of June it started getting to warm to stay outside. Along with another breeder, we rented the Kabin and moved inside on July 4th. At the end of January 2010 the breeder that was with us, decided to leave and we continued on. We were not sure how things would proceed but have been very happy with how all has worked out.

Read our story @luvkennels.com for Judy and I had a dream and that was to be able to do what we LUV and enjoy, that is to breed and raise puppies that we can be proud of and the general working public can afford. We, Judy and I, both know that not everyone can physically stop by the Kabin and visit with us and play with our puppies. We are a Puppy Store. Not a (pet store), for we do nothing but puppies.

We like to call our K-9 Kabin, a Puppy Expo. Expo is Exposition in short form. One definition of Exposition is: a large-scale public exhibition or show of art or industrial goods. Coming from I come from, when asked, I like to tell folks that we just Exposing our puppies to the people, for the public to view, meet and enjoy. Not every puppy breeder is a looser as much or most of the media and many others try to portray them to be.

We Lex Smith and Judy Hodge-Smith of the K-9 Kabin and Luv Kennels, are not perfect. It is our intent and we strive to be fair and honest in all matters and to produce Healthy, Happy and Affordable (LUV ING) puppies for the working people of our Great United States.

Please feel free to stop by and visit, view, touch and play with our puppies. I believe that you will enjoy what you find. If the coffee in not on, just say so and we will make some for all of us to enjoy.


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We can be contacted by hardline phone at 573-493-2548.

Our cellphone contact point is 573-280-0393. On the rare occasion that no one is in the office, use this number. In the mountains where we live, the signal is sometimes tough to get, but give it a try if you’re anxious to talk right now and we’re away from the office. We, too, like to talk to a “live” person when we pick up the phone, and will do our best to provide the same service for you! If you have to leave a message, we guarantee to return your call the same business day!

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