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K9 Kabin knows there’s nothing quite like the unconditional love offered by dogs. Their presence in our homes makes our lives all the richer. That’s why as a dog breeder here at Luv Kennels, we would love nothing more than for our puppies to find happy furever homes!

Our weekend Puppy Expos at the K9 Kabin are meant precisely for that. The K9 Kabin is the perfect venue for the general public to see, play, and interact with our Luv-ley puppies. We believe that finding the perfect match of pet and family can only be truly achieved when they can spend some quality time together.

About Us

Initially, we, along with other breeders, only wanted to hold the Puppy Expo a couple of weekends every month. We found and rented the current Kabin, where we hosted the first-ever weekend Puppy Expo on its front lawn in June 2009.

What started as a semi-regular event soon became permanent, as a great number of people came back every weekend.

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As a puppy breeder, we always put the health and safety of our puppies first and foremost. You can rest assured that each and every one of our puppies has met all state testing requirements and qualifications, and have passed every veterinary exam.

Our specialization is in toy and miniature breeds. At our Puppy Expo at the K9 Kabin, you will meet cute and adorable pups that are of hypoallergenic and designer breeds. Everyone will have the chance to find the right pet to love and take home with them at K9 Kabin.

A Furever Home

There’s always a tingling, rush of excitement every time someone finds “THE ONE” for them to take home. We know all too well that a connection between our puppies and you can happen in an instant, and that you probably wouldn’t want to wait too long before you can bring them with you to their furever home.

That’s why we’ve created our process to be seamless and ready for same-day adoption. If, for example, you went to K9 Kabin and left, only to come up with a decision to adopt later on, we would love to be able to speak with you over the phone first to iron out some things. We believe it’s important that we have a conversation with potential pet parents on the phone. We can talk about the most important things about puppy adoption, such as taking care of their welfare, what to expect upon bringing the dog home, as well as any other questions or concerns they might have.

So come on over, drop by the K9 Kabin and have a fun time hanging out with the puppies.
We are a loving, welcoming community (who brings out the coffee too) so we can all have a relaxing, wonderful time with these wonderful puppies, bringing big, warm smiles to our faces.